Getting Rid of Cat Fleas

Do you experience seeing some small, fast creatures that are moving in your cat's fur that is giving a painful itching of your kitty that will lead her to scratch it to feel relief? If your answer is yes, big chances are, fleas are present in your cat's fur.

It is truly a daunting job to eliminate cat fleas. There are a lot of people who failed in doing so. You might be one of them, so the following information below will be a discussion on how to get rid of cat fleas and which one is the best cat fleas treatment available.

So, what are the options available in treating cat fleas? Here they are:

Flea combs: Flea combs are always available from any pet shop and this is going to be your first line for defense against cat fleas. However, it cannot eliminate all the fleas through combing the fur of your cat, but it can help in reducing the population of the fleas and keeping your cat's fur matte free from all the biting, licking and scratching caused by these fleas.

Flea shampoos: Just like the flea combs, using Advecta flea shampoos is a famous choice among pet owners. Shampoo helped in killing adult fleas on your cat's body and wash away the nasty larvae and flea dirt. Nevertheless, take an important note that this is only effective for a day or two. They will leave a tiny residual chemical on the cat when it is used properly and thus this is not a long-term flea treatment for your pet.

Flea collars: The use of flea collars in eliminating fleas on cats is debatable. They may serve in keeping fleas off the neck but not the rest of the body. As such, most cat owners have described that it is useless and it is harsh on the neck that would cause balding and breakouts around the neck after using it.

Flea powder: These are the products that became almost outdated today since it is proven that is so messy to be applied which will cause respiratory suffering to both the animal such as your cat and the person or the pet owner who is using it. There were some reports from others that they have been toxic too. Visit this website at and know more about fleas.

Topical flea treatment: This is the best option that is available in the market. It does not only offer convenience in using where it can be used once a month but it is very effective in removing and killing all the fleas in such a short period of time, click here to get started!